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A multidisciplinary festival, two classes of students, a swollen return after the cancellation of the 2019 edition.

At the instigation of the Lyon rectorate and the festival director, middle school students participate in a week of immersion within the Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière.
In the day-to-day work of the teams and in the workshops, the students discover the cultural milieu while revealing themselves in front of the camera.

With Le Forban, it’s a legend that returns, the Malouine watch deserved a thunderous comeback.

From the prototype and a series of reference photos, we were able to completely recreate each part of the watch.
We were able to achieve complete creative freedom, and a precision that would have been impossible in real shooting.

Launch of HTIDs, a set of unique meetings between players in the health and life sciences ecosystem, to create innovative solutions.

In order to meet the demand for healthtech characterization, we have chosen a body.
But more spectacular, more graphic, more visual than what we are used to seeing.

Our visual expertise tells about ideas, products, brands or events.

As a motion design studio, we create content that matches a specific context and demand. But we always seek to go beyond, to put our different ideas for the benefit of a vision.

The latter guides us towards a design of sobriety and purity. Show only the essence, the purity and sometimes be satisfied with the abstract.

We always seek to go beyond the obvious and overly figurative approaches, to provide our clients with an enriching and memorable experience for their audience. Blump is defined and developed through its principles.

Because we are aware of the transverse aspect of the image, and of the interest of being as close as possible to everything that is done in visual creation, we are surrounded by teams from D-Seed (specializing in effects specials) and those of Spline (in visual engineering). With them we are moving in the same direction, which is to offer a maximum of possibilities with the visible, whether it is real or created from scratch.

Together we seek to twist reality and have fun with it.

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We are always on the lookout for new talent and new ideas.

If you are a motion designer, producer, developer … or just curious, do not hesitate to come and see us.

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